February is Freeware February on TUAW

We here at TUAW want to help our readers avoid the winter doldrums, but how? Since our credit cards are maxed out Barb’s idea of a Mac mini for each reader didn’t work out. Laurie suggested we all gather together and petition Apple to recognize the Cube as the best computer that the company has ever produced, but that was lacking something.

Then it came to us; what do Mac users love above all? That’s right, one button mice.

No, wait, Mac users love the high quality freeware and shareware that is available for our computing platform of choice. Therefore, from now forward February shall be known as ‘Freeware February’ here on TUAW.

Each day one TUAWer will post about a piece of shareware/freeware that they find useful in their everyday Mac experience, or that they think is just plain cool. If you have some freeware that we should think about featuring please submit it via out Tips form.

Tomorrow shall start our glorious 28 day freeware/shareware-fest, so strap yourself in and get your downloading fingers ready.

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