We know what we gained. But what have we lost?

iPod Apple StoreA few people picked up on this in the comments of the previous post. Along with the new additions, Apple has also removed a few things from the iPod lineups.

Here’s what’s gone:

  1. As I mentioned earlier, the obnoxious and ugly gold/bronze iPod mini has been removed. I can’t imagine what they were thinking when they ever allowed it in the first place.
  2. The 40GB “generic” iPod is gone. If 20GB isn’t good enough for ya, you’ll need to get an iPod photo.
  3. A very astute reader name Jack also pointed out that the iPod photo no longer comes with a FireWire cable, an AV cable, a dock or a carrying case. Yesterday’s iPod photo included all those things, in addition to the earbuds, AC Adapter, and USB 2.0 cable that come with today’s new iPod photo. When Apple says the new iPod photo is thinner… perhaps they were only talking about the box! In all fairness, they did lower the price.

Any other differences I’ve missed?

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