When you outlaw iPod shuffles

iPod shuffle mint case

It seems that Australia isn’t the only country whose schools frown on iPod use. Austin Riedhammer feared for the safety of his iPod shuffle whilst listening to it in study hall, so he devised of a rather clever scheme, that would have been why too complicated for me to do while I was in school.

Step 1. Fashion an iPod shuffle case out of an old Penguin mints case and some cork.

Step 2. Bring along a decoy CD player (who uses those to listen to music in this day in age).

Step 3. Rock out to tunes on the iPod shuffle.

But wait Scott, what happens when a teacher sees Austin ENJOYING himself (not in that way, sicko) while he is in study hall and decides to take his iPod shuffle away? That’s why Austin has a CD player, he gives the CD player to the teacher to hold for the day and continues to listen to his mints.

Austin has posted some more pictures on Flickr, so check them out.

Remember kids, if you aren’t studying in study hall you are only cheaping yourself out of an education.  But if you have cool stuff like this, send it along to us.

Oh, and stay in school.

Thanks for the tip Austin, and Barb.

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