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TIME's timeline of the Nano and Nanos for Microsoft

itubesIt's no mystery TIME magazine is enamored with Apple. Now there's another skin-deep, glossy pseudo-review about the Nano. One thing in the article had me a little worried: the Nano has the tightest tolerances of any product in Apple's history. If that's true, do you suppose it will be more or less reliable as a result? Time will tell. Author Lev Grossman even ponders the obvious, wondering aloud whether we'll see a Mac-branded HTPC within our lifetime. Well, duh. It's a quick and entertaining read.

I found this article by way of Scoble via Textura Design's blog. Seems DL Byron thinks Microsoft should buy all of its employees Nanos. Then everyone has to "report back a week later on why they can't make a product like that." Hilarious. I wonder if Microsoft really has the cajones to do such a thing? Scoble even likes the Nano. Maybe there is a genie in that bottle...

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