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TiVo Desktop for Mac v1.9.2

Hold on to your hats, Mac users. TiVo has released TiVo Desktop for Mac v1.9.2. According to TiVo, this update "...provides compatibility with Mac OS X 10.4." TiVo Desktop for the Mac lets you view the photos in your iPhoto library and listen to your iTunes music (mostly) on your TV via a networked TiVo. The requirements are:

  • A networked TiVo Series2 DVR
  • iTunes 3.0.1 or later required for music; iPhotos 5 or later required for photos;
  • 400MHz G3 processor or better recommended
  • 256MB RAM or more recommended
There's still no official way for Mac users to transfer content from their TiVos to their Macs, but TiVo says that's forthcoming. Probably. Maybe. At a later date. Probably.

[Via PVR Blog]

Update: TUAW reader Dave Zatz has posted a couple nice screenshots of this new version. Thanks, Dave!

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