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Photoshop Automator Actions v3.0 released

Ben Long has released v3.0 of his rocking set of Automator actions for Photoshop, introducing 11 new actions and a slew of new and updated abilities including:
  • Add Layer, Add Empty Adjustment Layer, Duplicate Current Layer
  • Render action allows saving as EPS, or using Save for Web
  • Save for Web can also be used in conjunction with other formats, allowing users to save in multiple formats with one action
  • Add Color Balance, Hue/Saturation and Channel Mixer effects as Adjustment Layers
  • Shadow/Highlight, Mono Gaussian Noise, and Bleach Bypass no longer require that you activate GUI Scripting
  • Smart Sharpen, Shadow/Highlight, and Unsharp Mask now provide an option to automatically add their effects to a duplicate layer that has its own Layer Mask (can anyone say 'non-destructive editing'?)
  • Resize Canvas now offers a choice of background colors
  • Mono Gaussian Noise now allows you to apply noise to a new layer filled with color. Full control of blending mode and opacity is provided
All of these new features, in addition to what is already a massive list of capabilities, make this a powerful package of donationware actions indeed. Photoshop Automator Actions v3.0 can be had from Complete Digital Photography.

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