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AppleJack 1.4.3rc3 adds Intel support

AppleJack, the wildly popular open source, single user mode troubleshooting tool for Macs, has finally been updated to support Intel-based Macs. Version 1.4.3rc3, a release candidate, is downloadable now on sourceforge and the final version is expected within the week.

Besides Intel compatibility, the following tweaks have been made to the new version:
  • Added an automated uninstaller routine, to enable easy and almost foolproof uninstallation of AppleJack.
  • Added /var/root/Library/Caches to the system cache cleanup routine.
  • Experimental expert mode exists, but is currently hidden until it can be tested further. (see Appendix B of the Read Me). The only well-tested options at this point are the memory test using the included Memtest utility, and the option to disable auto login.
  • Improved the internal coding of user-input prompts. Uses a standardized interface for these functions now.
  • The preference file check now uses a null byte character to separate files rather than an arbitrary "improbable" string.
I'm just giddy about this. Integrating Memtest is a nice bonus since I use it all the time. Instead of launching Rember, which is a graphical interface for Memtest (proving my command-line phobia once again), I can just add it to my AppleJack routine. Thanks, Apotek, for your continued development of the troubleshooting tool I use the most!

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