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DLO TransDock Deluxe for fine automotive iPodding

DLO is shipping yet another iPod dock, but this one is billed as "the world's first luxury iPod car accessory." I don't know exactly what that is supposed to mean, but the TransDock Deluxe does include a RF remote which appears to strap onto your steering wheel for iPod control without removing your hands from 10 and 2 o'clock like your high school driving instructor insisted (or, looking at the picture, maybe you'll be okay sliding down to 9 o'clock). Anyway, the kit has the standard cigarette lighter charger and FM modulator, but also adds some cool extras like a video out jack for an optional rear-seat video screen and even a powered USB port for charging your phone or other accessories.

The TransDock Deluxe $129.99 from DLO.

[via electronista]

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