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Little Snitch updated to 2.0, Leopard compatible

Macworld brings news that everyone's favorite tattletale, Little Snitch, has been updated to version 2.0. The new version brings a whole host of updates, including a new Network Monitor, which will let you know about all outgoing and incoming network traffic. There's also support for IPV6, and a better help and traffic filtering system. Oh, and perhaps most importantly, the whole thing's been overhauled and is now compatible with a little thing called Leopard. I haven't upgraded yet, but considering those other "next-gen" operating systems, I'm not sure if I should.

Little Snitch 1 users may be able to upgrade for free (if your version number starts with "32"), if not you pay a discounted rate. If you haven't started using Little Snitch yet, you can try the eval version, or pay $24.95 for the full app. If you have a lot of network traffic coming in and out of your Mac, you might want to consider it-- how else will you know what's coming through there?

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