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VisualHub 1.31 adds Surround Sound for "Take 2"

An upgrade to one of my favorite (and most useful) video compression and conversion utilities, VisualHub (which we've mentioned a few times), has brought with it support for 5.1 Surround Sound on the just-released Apple TV "Take 2." Despite not actually owning an Apple TV, I find myself happy for our video-converting, Apple TV-owning readers, and for the fact that any 5.1 AC3 audio I should happen to create won't be lost for that lucky audience.

The release notes also include some speed improvements for artwork tagging large (150MB+) videos not intended for the 'net, as well as a fix for aspect ratio conversion on Tivo-destined video. VisualHub 1.31 is a free upgrade for registered users. And for newcomers for whom it would be of use, it's worth every penny at the palindromic price of $23.32.

Visit the VisualHub website for more information.

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