iPhone as Tricorder

Set phasers to Huge Frakking Nerd.

I'll be honest and admit to trying this as soon as I saw it. Point Mobile Safari to http://38i.biz/tricorder and view an iPhone-optimized web page that resembles a Star Trek Tricorder.

So, what does it do, you ask? Why, it scans a given area, interprets and displays gathered data and records all findings to isolinear chips.

Actually, it doesn't do to much. Once you "turn it on" by clicking the power button, you can switch between three functions and view related animations. Every minute or so, a window pops up with a snide remark like, "The Federation is shocked. The Enterprise actually ferried an alien VIP from one place to another without serious incident." It's even got a snazzy webclip icon.

Sadly, there are no sounds to accompany the visuals. It might not offer much more than a little entertainment, but one thing is certain ... it will definitely help you pick up chicks.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

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