Terminal Tip: Enable Safari web inspector

Perhaps you are a web developer, or maybe you're just nosy. Either way, looking at certain websites' CSS, HTML, and Script documents can be fun. If you are a Safari user, you can easily look at the loading documents in the Activity View (Window > Activity), but what if you want to take this a step further? You can with the Safari Web Inspector, and you can do it by enabling the Safari "Develop" menu.

To enable the Safari Develop menu, just close Safari and type (or copy/paste) the following command into Terminal.app (/Applications/Utilities):

defaults write com.apple.Safari WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true

Once you enter the command, you will be able to launch Safari, load a webpage, and click Develop > "Show Web Inspector" to see the page attributes. You will be able to see the documents, stylesheets, images, and scripts.

Update: As of new versions of Safari, you can enable the Develop menu by going to Safari > Preferences > Advanced, and click on the "Show Develop menu in menu bar." Thanks to everyone in the comments for pointing this out!

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