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Hanged for iPhone makes macabre work of child's play

Some iPhone apps are useful. Others are fun. And others, like Freeverse's new Hanged [iTunes link] are seriously, seriously weird. Hanged transforms the traditional game of Hangman into an old-timey melodrama, complete with bad music, impassioned acting, and, sadly, little else. There's plenty of drama but not a lot of fun in this game play.

Freeverse, which distributes this app, suggests looking at it as an experimental art piece rather than a simple iPhone game application. The problem with this is that you kind of get the point in a minute or two of gameplay, after which, the game just becomes dreary, repetitive and overwrought.

I really wanted to like Hanged. I do love weird stuff. But when all is said and done, there's just not enough there there to sustain this game past a cursory interaction. If I had to recommend this app to a particular audience, I'd suggest fans of heavily drugged mid-19th century emo poets. Beyond that? I'd say this $1.99 app is probably a pass.

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