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iPhone body armor case looks cool

Speaking of iPhone cases that look ... different, here's an interesting metal case for everybody's favorite smartphone. A company called Ltd Tools has created a metal, cage-style case that adds a flip cover to the phone and gives it a pretty distinctive look. I don't think it will be for everybody; it actually makes the iPhone 4 look kind of like a big RAZR, but I like it. What it lacks in actual protection, it makes up for in some interesting functionality, which includes unimpeded access to the charging port and a cool little rubber band that can hold business or credit cards.

There is a warning that a metal case can "affect reception," but it can't be that much worse than what you're getting already. And OK, sure, the case is US$95, which is a bit much to pay for a case like this (although it does look pretty well-machined). But I just like the look of it anyway. A great many cases tend to make the phone look like a colored lump, so it's neat to see a case that adds a little something to the iPhone's design.

[via iPhone Savior]

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