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iPad 2 Smart Cover-compatible cases: our roundup (Updated)

Apple Smart Cover

Apple's Smart Cover is a great, versatile screen cover for your iPad 2. It allows you to stand your tablet up, prop it up for typing in landscape and more; it even turns the iPad off automatically when you close it. But it leaves the back of the iPad 2 exposed, and as beautiful as it is, that metal can get all scratched up pretty quickly without some protection.

So, here's a roundup of all Smart Cover-compatible back cases we could find.

Incipio Smart Feather

Incipio Smart Feather

One of the slimmest cases available for Apple devices, the Incipio Feather line now includes the Smart Feather. Made of polycarbonate, it's available in a range of Smart Cover-matching colors, measures less than 1mm thick and will cover the back of your iPad 2 without ruining its gorgeous sleek shape. It will leave the whole of the bottom edge exposed, but does give access to all the ports, buttons, microphone and camera.

Available from US$34.99 plus shipping.

SwitchEasy CoverBuddy

SwitchEasy CoverBuddy

Another ultra-thin polycarbonate case, the CoverBuddy is available in 11 colors including "UltraClear" to match whatever Smart Cover you have. It has better coverage than the Smart Feather, covering the bottom, while still leaving access to the buttons, ports, speaker, mic and camera.

Available from $24.99 plus shipping.

Aviiq Smart Case

Aviiq Smart Case

The Aviiq Smart Case combines both polycarbonate and aluminium to protect your iPad 2's back from scratches and gives a bit more impact protection than most of the others on the market. The Smart Case comes in seven colors to match your Smart Cover, with decent device coverage. Our very own Steve Sande managed to get his hands on the Aviiq and found it to be a great complement to the iPad 2.

Available from $49.99 plus shipping.

Belkin Snap Shield

Belkin Snap Shield for iPad 2

The Snap Shield for iPad 2 from Belkin is a thin polycarbonate case with cut-outs for the camera, ports, buttons, mic and speaker. It comes in clear, "Smoke" and "Apple Pink" colors, is light weight, form fitting and doesn't interfere with the Smart Cover, while providing enough protection to keep the back of your iPad 2 free from scratches.

Available from $29.99 plus shipping.

Proporta Hard Shell Back Cover

Proporta Hard Shall Back Cover

The Proporta Hard Shell Back Cover for iPad 2 is a Smart Cover-compatible polycarbonate back plate that's available in either black or white. It has cut-outs for the buttons, camera, speaker and ports, but also leaves the top of the iPad 2 exposed apart from the corners.

Available from $33.95 plus shipping.

Marware MicroShell for iPad 2

Marware MicroShell for iPad 2

The Marware MicroShell for iPad 2 is yet another polycarbonate back cover with a "stylish rubberized finish." The case snaps on as you might expect, leaving holes for the speaker, mic, ports, buttons and camera. It leaves the bottom of the iPad 2 exposed, but will be available in a range of colors with black the only one currently shipping.

Available from $39.99 plus shipping.

COOL BANANAS SmartShell Case for iPad 2


The COOL BANANAS SmartShell case is another backplate case made from TPU with a lateral cut-out along the side for the Smart Cover. There are cut outs for the speaker, mic, buttons, ports and the back camera, with all sides covered. The case is available in black, blue, green, red and clear.

Available from about $26 plus shipping.

iTALKonline Smart ProGel Skin for iPad 2

ProGel Skin case

The Smart ProGel Skin is a clip-on back cover made from TPU with a non-slip coating. It covers all sides of the iPad 2 with a cut-outs allowing the Smart Cover to attach to the side and access to the speaker, ports, buttons, camera and mic. It comes in nine colors, both glossy and matte as well as the choice of a cut-out for the Apple logo on the back of the iPad 2.

Available from about $17 plus shipping.

Ozaki iCoat Wardrobe +

Ozaki iCoat Wardrobe +

The iCoat Wardrobe + "Smart Cover Enhancer" is another thin polycarbonate case for the iPad 2. It weighs in at 72g, comes in 10 colors, with both glossy and matte finishes and is fully compatible with the Smart Cover. It has exact cut-outs for the various buttons, ports, mic, speaker and camera and is available in semi-transparent, meaning you can still see the back of the iPad 2 in all its glory.

Available from $26.99 plus shipping.

U-bop gSHELL Tough All-Body Case SuperSlim for iPad 2

U-bop gSHELL SuperSlim

The gSHELL is produced using a mix of silicone and a harder plastic creating a semi-see through flexible yet strong case. It comes in six different colors and covers the back with an optional cut-out for the Apple logo. Cut-outs for the speaker, ports, buttons, mic and camera allow access to all the functions while the right-hand side of the case has a cut-out for the Smart Cover.

Available from about $16 plus shipping.

NUU BaseCase

NUU BaseCase

The NUU BaseCase for iPad 2 is a semi-transparent polycarbonate back cover with cutouts for the camera and buttons. The top and the bottom of the iPad 2 are left exposed, while the side is Smart Cover compatible. The BaseCase is available in nine colors with a rubberized matte finish.

Available from $29.99 plus shipping.

Acase Apple iPad 2 Smart Cover Companion

Acase Smart Cover Companion

The Acase Smart Cover Companion snap-on slim fit polycarbonate case comes in both black and clear. It covers the back with cut-outs for the speaker, ports, buttons and camera. The top of the iPad 2 is left exposed apart from the corners, while one side is left open for the Smart Cover.

Available from $29.99 plus shipping.

That's your lot of Smart Cover-compatible cases for this round. There's plenty to choose from, but if there's one in particular you're a fan of, let us know in the comments.


Speck SmartShell

Speck SmartShell

As suggested by Corey in the comments, the Speck SmartShell for iPad 2 takes the standard polycarbonate back cover format, including cut-outs for the camera, buttons, mic, ports and speakers, and adds a magnetic strip to keep the Smart Cover in place when folded across the back. A nice addition that sets it apart from the standard back shell format. It comes in black, orange, pink and clear with a soft-touch finish.

Available from $34.95 plus shipping.



As suggested by "c" and MfS in the comments, the HyperShield back cover from Hypershop is of the TPU variety, is only 1.4 mm thick and comes in 11 colors to match your Smart Cover. It has the usual cut-outs for the ports, camera, buttons, mic and speaker, while covering every side that's not needed to attach the Smart Cover.

Available from $19.95 plus shipping.

Enki Genius Case

Enki Genius Case

As suggested by Jeff Cho in the comments, the Enki Genius Case for iPad 2 is another polycarbonate back cover that's fully Smart Cover-compatible. With cut-outs for the camera, buttons, ports and speaker, it's available in smoke, clear, blue and pink, and includes a screen protector in the box. The initial shipments of the Genius Case didn't have a cut-out for the iPad 2's microphone, but as of May 22nd a new version of the case with the appropriate hole has been released.

Available from $29.99 plus shipping (with a free Enki neoprene sleeve if ordered before the 16th of May).

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