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Macs, iPads, and iPhones by the numbers

Macs, iPads, and iPhones by the numbers

Tim Cook is up on stage talking about the latest Mac, iPad and iPhone sales figures. And things are looking good!

  • 7 million OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion upgrades sold to date.
  • MacBooks now rank as the #1 laptop in the US in the last three months.
  • MacBooks account for 27 percent of the laptop market.
  • Mac sales have seen 15 percent YOY growth vs 2 percent on the Windows side.
  • 17 million iPad sold from April to June (!!!)
  • More iPads sold during that time than all other PCs
  • iPad has 68 percent market share - up from 62% last year.
  • iPad is 91 percent of all tablet web traffic
  • Virtually all of the Fortune 500 is testing or deploying iPads
  • 700,000 apps now on the App Store
  • 250,000 of those are iPad-specific
  • Average iOS user using 100 apps
  • Apple has now sold 400 million iOS devices

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