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A look inside the new iMac

A look inside the new iMac

The first 21.5-inch redesigned iMacs have been on sale in Asia over the past day, have been unveiled in Europe and are just now making their way to Apple Stores across America. AppleInsider has a short unboxing film of the new iMac from one of their readers (see below), but the real excitement came when Japanese blog Kodawarisan opened up one of the iMacs to reveal the innards.

As you can see from the images at the top and bottom of this post, the iMac comes in a new trapezoidal box and is quite nice-looking from the outside -- but let's take a look at the inside. The big surprise is that the circuitry of the redesigned iMac has an amazing amount of room in which to live, with surprisingly large ducts keeping the entire thing cool.

The machine translation of the Kodawarisan blog post notes that the component count is down from previous models, meaning that Apple is still adhering to late Steve Jobs' maxim that simpler is better.

A look inside the new iMac

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