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CES 2013: iLuv booth tour

I tote around a handy iLuv USB hub with built-in Ethernet, but the company makes a ton of accessories. Docks, cases, speakers and more can be had from iLuv, and there are a few new items of note from CES 2013 to show you.

CES 2013 iLuv booth tour

First, the Aud 5 Speaker Dock is now equipped with a Lightning connection for your new iDevices. No word on price yet, but it'll be available in May.

CES 2013 iLuv booth tour

The MobiCup is a Bluetooth speaker in cup shape with convenient controls on the top of the speaker, splash-resistant for outdoor activities. It isn't waterproof, but would work great sitting by the pool or in your beer helmet. No price yet.

CES 2013 iLuv booth tour

The MobiOut is another splash-proof speaker, has some good bass to it, and is available for US$129.99.

CES 2013 iLuv booth tour

This item isn't new, but I hadn't noticed it before, and I think it's cool. The aptly-named Camera Case makes your iPhone look like an old SLR camera in a leather case. It's classy and retro and is perhaps a bit of a novelty. Still, for just under $40 it's a pretty stylish case for those inclined to look different. If you want a case that adds a grip, SnapGrip (not from iLuv) has you covered.

Not pictured: the MultiCharge-X, a box that can store 10 iPads and charge them at once, great for schools and businesses. It'll be available in Q2 for $799.99.

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