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pocketKPI makes it easy to track your company's key performance indicators

One of the best parts of the iOS App Store is that you have developers like Evernote hitting a broad user base with their apps, and other developers targeting niche markets with equally attractive and functional apps. One such niche app is pocketKPI from Dead Frog Studios.

pocketKPI is a tool employers can use to share KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) with their employees. The app is designed to be easy for employees to use and a headache-free tool for employers to set up. pocketKPI uses a standard file format (JSON) to share data and is flexible enough to pull in KPI data from your existing system. There's no proprietary system to buy and install, just a US$1.99 app.

pocketKPI displays all your key performance indicators in a dashboard view. Each one is color-coded green or red so you can see at a glance which indicators are performing well and which ones are lagging. A slider in the settings menu allows you to set the tolerance value that switches a badge from green (good) to red (bad). You can click on an indicator to view details about it and access a menu to share the details via email or messaging.

The app does require a JSON file, and Dead Frog has a guide to help you setup this part of the app. If you don't have access to a JSON file and still want to check out the app, you can use the JSON files provided by Dead Frog for your testing.

Dead Frog Studios released pocketKPI in mid-February and recently updated the app to version 1.1. If you are involved in monitoring key performance indicators for your company, pocketKPI is definitely worth a look. It is available for the iPhone and costs $1.99.

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