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'Spaceship Campus' architecture firm to revamp Apple retail stores

'Spaceship Campus' architecture firm to revamp Apple retail stores

Marketing Magazine is reporting today that architecture firm Foster + Partners, which is working on the design of Apple's new Cupertino campus, has been hired to create new designs for Apple Stores.

Apple's previous architect of choice was 8 Inc, which has been responsible for such iconic Apple Stores as the 5th Avenue flagship store in New York City and the Regent Street store in London.

It's unknown if Foster + Partners plans to make any drastic changes to the highly successful and recently trademarked design cues for Apple Stores, which include all-glass storefronts and rectangular wooden tables.

Foster + Partners was hired by late Apple CEO Steve Jobs to design the new Cupertino "spaceship" campus building, which is now reportedly $2 billion over budget and somewhat behind schedule.

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