Ten One Design Pogo Connect stylus gains interchangeable tips

Have one of Ten One Design's Pogo Connect styluses? The company's pressure-sensitive Bluetooth 4.0 stylus today gained a set of accessories -- new magnetic interchangeable tips.

There are five tips in all -- three are rubber tips in different widths, while two are brushes that can be used with a variety of third-party apps. In particular, Ten One Design recommends ArtRage (US$4.99) as a compatible app that provides "a live simulation of real paint properties, including wetness and texture."

The R1 tip has a 4.5 mm tip and sells in a package of two for $9.95, while the R2 is slightly wider at 6.0 mm and sells for the same price for a pair. The R3 is the same tip that came with your Pogo Connect, and has 7.3 mm rubber edge. It also sells for $9.95 for a pair.

The brushes will keep artists happy -- they can be trimmed just like "real" brushes or used as-is. The B1 is a straight-edged brush and the B2 is an angled wide brush. The two are available as a pair for $24.95.

The Pogo Connect remains at the top of the heap of styluses for the iPad with its incredible capabilities, and these new tips are the icing on the artistic cake.

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