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Ashton Kutcher's Jobs movie now available on iTunes

AppleThe Ashton Kutcher movie Jobs is now available to rent or buy on iTunes. Originally released this summer, the movie is a semi-fictional retelling of Steve Jobs and the rise of Apple Computer. Kutcher, of course, plays Jobs, while Josh Gad takes up the role of Steve Wozniak.

The movie was neither a critical nor a box office success, making only US$16 million at the US box office and scoring just 26 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. However, at a budget of $12 million, the film can be seen as a modest financial success for its production company, Open Road Films. Globally, the film took in just north of $35 million.

The HD version of Jobs will set you back $19.99, while the SD version is $14.99. The download includes iTunes Extras, including deleted scenes, a featurette on Kutcher's role as Jobs, a "Legacy of Steve Jobs" mini-documentary and a featurette on the Jobs movie score. The film is also available to rent on iTunes for $4.99 for the HD version and $3.99 for the SD version.

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