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iMac line refreshed by Apple

After some early morning downtime, Apple's store is now back and featuring new iMac configurations. Full details are on the iMac technical specifications page. The new systems offer Intel Core i3, i5, and i7 processors (no more Core 2 Duo!) with...

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Apple Store app scoops Apple Store on new gear reveal

File under "Oops!" Macrumors points out that Apple's own Apple Store iPhone app gave a sneak preview of today's product announcements. We'll dive in on the new gear (new iMacs, magic trackpad... and a battery charger?) in a few moments....

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Apple warning retailers of short-term iMac shortages -- new models in the pipeline?

Several sources are reporting that Apple is notifying direct and indirect sales channels of upcoming shortages of stock for the iMac. It appears that Apple is drawing down inventory in anticipation of the introduction of new models of the popular...

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Five reasons why I still like the iMac

I'm about to buy a new iMac to replace the 20" that's been gracing my desktop since the Intel iMacs first arrived on the scene back in 2006. It's still a pretty good machine, with a 2 GHz Intel Core Duo CPU and 2 GB of RAM, but it's been somewhat...

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iMac goes steampunk

Brian Chen over at Wired came across this sweet Victorian iMac mod. If you're a steampunk fan, it's a must have. The owner of Old Time Computer makes all the covers by hand. This iMac's cover is hand crafted oak with brass and gold trim accents. A...

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Turn that old Mac into a functioning clock

Let's say you have a Mac collecting dust in the corner of your garage. Rather than succumb to your spouse's demands and send the old friend to computer heaven, why not re-purpose that Mac into something both functional and beautiful? Cult of Mac...

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Get a TUAW discount on Mac theft recovery service from hidden

Apple's laptops and iMacs are attractive targets for thieves, since they're easy to move and have a good resale value. We've seen several Mac applications or services that work to help you retrieve your favorite Apple product if it is ever stolen;...

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Swede's iMac takes a burnin' and it's still turnin'

In what should be used by Apple as a testament to the solid construction of their computers, a Swedish man, Anders Norman, suffered a tragedy last Wednesday when his house burned down. To Norman's surprise, his iMac survived the conflagration despite...

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Apple paying back bonuses on cost of defective 27-inch iMacs

Gizmodo is reporting that Apple has begun refunding up to an extra 15% of the purchase price of the 27-inch iMac to those customers who bought defective units. The news broke yesterday with a UK-based Apple Authorized Service Provider/Reseller...

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Apple releases another 27-inch iMac firmware update

Amid rumors that Apple has halted production of the 27-inch iMac due to display issues, Apple has released a second firmware update. The update, which is for iMac (27-inch, Late 2009) only: Updates the display firmware on 27-inch iMac systems to...

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Apple acknowledges continuing 27" iMac screen issues

Update: MacNN reports that a "reliable source" (read: rumor) has told them that Apple has ceased production of Core i5- and i7-based iMacs until they've fixed this issue for good. At the end of last year, customers who bought 27" iMacs reported...

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27-inch iMac shipping delays extended 3 more weeks

Did you order one of those sweet 27-inch iMacs from the Apple online store recently? Well, if you did, expect to see a delay in getting it. AppleInsider is reporting that the 27-inch models currently have a three-week shipping time. Earlier this...

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Gene Munster: 2010 is the "Year of the Mac," sales up significantly

When Gene Munster talks, people listen. The Piper Jaffray analyst delivered one of his missives this morning stating that his analysis of Mac retail sales in the U.S., based on numbers tracked by NPD Group, are up about 26% year-over-year for the...

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Rain Design's iMac turntable sends the iMac for a spin

iMacs are great, except when you have one sitting with its back to a wall and you need to plug something into the back of it. Particularly with the larger models, you end up having to pick up the iMac and swing it around to get to those ports on the...

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iLove the iMac iLamp

Happy New Year, everybody! It's 2010, and that means we're all riding around in flying cars, shooting laser guns at each other, and we all have robot servants to do all of our work for us. Oh wait, that didn't work out as planned, did it? At least...

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Parallels Desktop 5 doesn't play well with Kaspersky Anti-Virus on some Macs

My Christmas miracle was that after waiting a month and a half, my Godzilla iMac 27" 2.8 GHZ Intel Core i7 iMac showed up on my doorstep on Christmas Eve. This was, ironically, two days after receiving a letter from Macmall telling me that my order...

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