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CERT lists vulnerabilities addressed in 10.4.9/SecUpd003

Your tax dollars at work: the crack team at US-CERT (United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team) has posted a tech alert & vulnerability list for Apple's most recent security update and the 10.4.9 release, which both provide patches for a slew of flaws. Interestingly, some of the patches a...

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Four MOAB bugs swatted by Security Update 2007-002

As Erica just noted, Security Update 2007-02 is out, and four of the open security issues raised by the Month of Apple Bugs project are now history. These problems have been addressed by the ongoing patch efforts of Landon Fuller, but his fixes should defer automatically to the new official versions...

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More MOAB fixes from Landon Fuller

It was a busy weekend for Landon Fuller and his crew of white-hat hackers working to plug the holes in Mac OS X and associated applications revealed by Month of Apple Bugs. His most recent two posts detail patches for Transmit and iChat, a mount warning for disk image downloads in Safari, and a patc...

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VLC patched with MOAB fix

See, that didn't take long! VideoLAN's VLC media player has been revised to version 0.8.6a, which closes the vulnerability noted by Month of Apple Bugs and also makes improvements to Full Screen Mode. If you aren't already using VLC for its incredible powers of playback and streaming, now would be a...

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Former Apple engineer offers fixes for Month of Apple bugs silliness

Landon Fuller, programmer and former Apple BSD Technology Group engineer extraordinaire, has offered to try and provide fixes for the exploits that appear during this asinine Month of Apple Bugs. Landon has already posted workarounds for the QuickTime vulnerability, and he links a change the VLC tea...

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"The Month of Apple bugs" begins, rationality surrenders

Kevin Finisterre and someone we only know as "LMH" have launched the Month of Apple Bugs, a site they dub a 'project' with the supposed goal of publishing bugs, hacks and exploits they have found in Apple's software any and all Apple-related software. Already they have published a QuickTime exploit ...

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