iPod Mini Gets a Glamorous Bling Makeover

The Crystalmini elevates the iconic iPod mini into an even more luxurious realm.

Imagine an iPod mini customized in your preferred color, each adorned with a crystal for every song you cherish. This concept is quickly becoming a trendsetter in both digital music and fashion circles, reminiscent of the buzz created by the original iPod mini.

These unique, handcrafted iPod minis are embellished with Swarovski crystals.

Having had a sneak peek at these today, I can confirm they are absolutely stunning.

mini print

Priced at approximately $700, including the iPod mini, these are not inexpensive. However, the craftsmanship justifies the price, with each unit taking around 5 hours to create.

Custom designs are also available, including exotic prints like Jaguar.

Typically, I’m not one for flashy gadgets, and anyone who knows me is aware that pink isn’t my color and I don’t even wear earrings. But I must admit, these Crystalminis are tempting!


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