Is the Mac Mini Apple’s Largest Misstep Since the Cube?

Aaron Adams, known for his appearance in an Apple commercial, shares his thoughts in a detailed blog entry on his personal site.

There are individuals who might disagree with the notion that the Cube was a misstep. Fans of the Cube believe it was simply mis-marketed and argue that the Mac mini offers what the Cube did not, without the prohibitive cost.

As a Cube owner myself, having ordered it as soon as it was announced, I have not felt compelled to purchase the Mac mini this year, nor do I intend to. Does this suggest I believe the Mac mini will not succeed?

Aaron suggests that while many view the Mac mini as ideal for new Apple users, he believes that an eMac or iBook might be more suitable.

He points out that not having to purchase a monitor, keyboard, or mouse could attract those who already own these peripherals, though they must be USB-compatible, which not everyone realizes.

Aaron’s key argument is that Apple should broaden its marketing strategies beyond Macworld Expos. iPod advertisements and users are ubiquitous, yet Mac advertisements are rare. When was the last time you saw a Mac commercial?

Apple should not only promote their impressive hardware but also their OS X more vigorously.

Many people are unaware that Apple has its own operating system; I recall the numerous compliments on my Titanium Powerbook followed by questions about which version of Windows it ran. Why not flood the market with advertisements highlighting, ‘Tired of Spyware? Choose Windows. Want to create movies, music, organize your digital life, and browse safely? Get OS X on all new Macs,’ or something to that effect?

What are your thoughts? Is the Mac mini truly the best choice for new Apple users? Why isn’t Apple pushing OS X more aggressively?


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