30-Day Trial CD for Motion Software: Explore Now

Recently, I was surprised to receive my inaugural postal mail from Apple: a Motion Demo CD. This CD included a link to activate a 30-day trial license for Motion, or for others to register and receive the download link.

The website clearly states, “If you already have a Motion Trial CD, simply complete this form. A code will be emailed to the address you provide within the next hour.” It’s important to note that the demo version has certain limitations: saving is disabled, there are watermarks on the canvas area and exported movies, integration with Final Cut Pro HD and DVD Studio Pro is not available, and only one template from the retail version is accessible.

The 30-day trial of Motion is not a new concept and has been available for some time, as Apple has highlighted it in various places.

However, the reason behind sending me the CD remains a mystery, especially since I have not opted into receiving mail and already own the full version of Motion. Has anyone else received this promotional CD? On a lighter note, the CD cover features an angle-animated picture that moves slightly when tilted, providing a bit of entertainment.

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Tj Luoma

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