Apple Mac Enthusiast Discovers Ideal Home Synchronization Solution

Thanks to a tip from one of our readers, Caius, the team at has unearthed a curious detail hidden within Tiger’s system. They’ve stumbled upon a feature that Apple once hinted at but later removed from their website, never to discuss it publicly again.

This feature, known as ‘Home To Go,’ was intended to synchronize your Home folder across multiple Macs, potentially using an iPod in disk mode for the task.

Interestingly, within Tiger, there exists a dormant preference pane labeled ‘HomeSync Preferences.’ This discovery raises questions about the feature’s intended functionality and why it was never implemented. Apple’s silence on the matter, likely due to the intimidating presence of Apple Legal, leaves us to speculate on what could have been a useful tool for users with multiple Mac devices.

Feel free to form your own opinions on this intriguing find.

The implications of such a feature, had it come to fruition, are certainly worth pondering.

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