Apple Ends Virex Support for .Mac Users

Recently, visitors to might have observed the absence of Virex-related content. According to a recent report by MacFixIt, Apple has discontinued support for Virex due to persistent issues with its compatibility with Tiger; however, Panther users still have the opportunity to update their virus definitions until the end of this month. This decision is quite disappointing for several reasons.

Primarily, Virex offered through .Mac was an economical option: the cost of a .Mac subscription was significantly lower than purchasing even the least expensive MacAfee 5 seat license. Moreover, providing accessible virus protection not only aids the users who install it but also plays a crucial role in mitigating the spread of viruses.

As of now, there has been no announcement regarding a replacement for Virex within the .Mac lineup. It is hoped that Apple will soon find a suitable alternative to enhance the value of their service.

Justifying the cost of what essentially functions as a basic webdav server becomes challenging without additional features like connectivity, which most users already receive from their ISPs. Furthermore, it seems somewhat negligent to provide services such as online data storage, high-volume email, and folder sharing without ensuring the availability of virus protection. At the very least, it would be beneficial if Apple could provide comprehensive guides on free alternative virus protection solutions.


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