Videocue Introduces New Podcast and Videoblogging Tools

Ever found yourself fumbling for words when recording a podcast or video blog? It’s frustrating to start over multiple times due to stumbles. Imagine if your Mac could help by being a teleprompter. That’s exactly what Videocue 2 offers.

Simply type your script, and as you record, it scrolls the text back to you. This tool isn’t just a teleprompter; it also provides a live video preview, allows for the creation of custom titles, and supports core image transitions such as cube and page curl for your videocasts. Additionally, it includes FTP support for various blogging platforms like LiveJournal, Movable Type, Typepad, and Blogger, making it a versatile tool for video bloggers.

For podcasters, there are specific presets to streamline production.

Videocue is also scriptable with Applescript and optimized for dual processor G4 and G5 Macs, ensuring smooth operation.

The software is available in two editions: entry-level and pro. The pro version, packed with more features, is priced at $89.99US, while the entry-level version costs $39.99US and offers a solid range of functionalities. Both versions require Mac OS 10.3.5 or later, a Quartz Extreme capable video card, and a core image-supporting GPU for those fancy video transitions.

With Videocue 2, you’re well on your way to producing more polished and professional podcasts or videocasts.


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