John Gruber’s Fascination with the Weather Widget

John Gruber, known for his work on Daring Fireball, has developed a notable fixation with the Weather Widget on Dashboard. Previously, he has delved into extensive tutorials on modifying the weather widget to ensure it updates more reliably, ensuring users aren’t misled by outdated weather information.

Recently, Gruber has turned his attention to what he perceives as a significant flaw in the widget’s user interface design.

He points out that users often receive weather updates for the incorrect location—typing “London” and selecting “Done” might yield results for London in Wyoming instead of London in the UK. This error occurs because users are not prompted to press ‘return’ to select from multiple London options.

Gruber criticizes this design, stating, “It’s clear the confusion stems from the widget’s failure to indicate the need to press return after entering a city name. Given the Dashboard’s mouse-centric design, it’s no wonder users mistakenly think they should click ‘Done.’ This action requires keyboard interaction for input validation, yet closing the configuration needs a mouse click.


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