Seeking Assistance for Classified Top-Secret Mission

Rem Keith, who may be using a pseudonym, is seeking assistance for a project he claims is related to Apple. The exact nature of his project is unclear, but he has made specific requests that suggest he’s compiling something quite intriguing.

He mentions that this project is “for Apple,” though this does not necessarily imply it is officially commissioned by Apple Inc. It could be anything from a fan tribute to a personal endeavor related to Apple products.

Here are the details of what Rem is looking for:

He is in need of video clips, each lasting one, two, or three seconds, from users of Mac OS X Tiger.

These clips should showcase various functionalities of the operating system and its applications, including Apple Mail, iChat AV, Safari, Dashboard, Spotlight, Quicktime 7, and Microsoft Office.

Specifically, Rem is interested in the following actions:

  • Apple Mail: A clip showing scrolling through the Inbox.
  • iChat AV: Clips of four-way video conferencing, regular text chat, and audio chats with three or more participants.
  • Safari: Navigating websites, with examples like, Google, or Yahoo.
  • Spotlight: Using the Spotlight search feature, preferably demonstrated on a PowerMac G5 to highlight its speed.
  • Quicktime 7: Demonstrating real-time resizing of a video, such as a movie trailer.
  • Microsoft Office: Opening Word from the dock to start a new document, showcasing the application’s readiness and speed.
  • Dashboard: Activating the dashboard via a hot corner and using the dictionary widget to quickly look up a word.
  • Additional features like Expose and Fast User Switching are also of interest.

Rem requests that these clips be captured in full-screen mode using a screen capture tool capable of recording in H.264 format, such as SnapzPro. He emphasizes that the entire screen should be visible in the capture, not just the area of interest.

If you’re intrigued and wish to contribute to whatever Rem is crafting, you can send your video clips to

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