McAfee Virex Supports Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger Compatibility

For enthusiasts of Virex and users of Tiger who don’t mind purchasing the software (since it’s no longer included with .Mac), McAfee has delivered a solution. The software is now compatible with Tiger.

As of today, the official Virex page hasn’t yet been updated to show this change.

In a recent press statement, Steve Crutchfield, the director of product marketing at McAfee, commented, “Despite the Macintosh user base being relatively small, it remains a potential target for hackers, particularly those Macintosh systems linked to corporate networks,” highlighting the ongoing security risks.

One might wonder if a typo in the statement was the result of a virus. Regardless, it’s clear that even a smaller user base like ours isn’t immune to threats, particularly when known for indulging in high-end products.

Also, when did McAfee switch to the sleek new black retail packaging? It’s quite eye-catching, and I find myself wanting one.


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