Microsoft Messenger 5 Remains Frozen in 1995 Era

The recent revival of MSN Messenger, now dubbed Microsoft Messenger, was met with enthusiasm due to its promised compatibility with various chat networks, similar to Adium and Proteus. However, the catch is that it requires Microsoft’s Live Communications Server 2005, which is not exactly budget-friendly.

This piece, though, isn’t focused on that aspect; rather, it’s about the outdated and unappealing aesthetic of the latest Messenger version. Just take a look at this interface!

On a different note, who still uses the “send” button in chat applications? Does it need to be so prominently large? My desktop widgets are tinier than that button! It’s been years since I last used a Windows-based chat application, but from what I recall, platforms like iChat, Adium, and even Proteus on OSX have nearly done away with such redundant features.

Why then does this modern, rebranded, OSX-compatible version of Microsoft’s Messenger cling to such an antiquated element? It’s a minor gripe, but that oversized button, coupled with the persistent “don’t click on links from strangers” warning that you can’t disable, really makes the application feel juvenile. Am I the only one who feels this way? Does anyone else want to chime in?

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