Adler Planetarium Event: An Evening with Drunkenbatman

While MacWorld Boston may have seen better days, the real action is shifting to a new venue. This year, I found myself at the event, which admittedly didn’t live up to expectations, though I’ve been told the sessions were insightful.

However, the buzz is now about an upcoming gathering orchestrated by Drunkenblog, set to take place at the Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum in Chicago.

The event promises an impressive lineup of tech luminaries, including Bob Frank, Jason Harris, Paul Kafasis, Eric Peyton, Jonathan Rentzsch, Wil Shipley, and Brent Simmons.

For those still on the fence about attending, I’ll be there too, though not as a speaker—just as an enthusiastic observer and chronicler of the tech scene. Now, all that’s left is to sort out the logistics of travel and accommodation on a budget.

John Gruber here, signing off.


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