Delicious Monster Unveils New Plugin for Backup 3

Delicious Monster has recently unveiled a free plugin that enhances Backup 3 by integrating the ‘QuickPicks’ feature, which now supports adding your Delicious Library to any backup task, including the latest automated and incremental backups. They provide easy-to-follow installation and setup instructions on their website, so don’t hesitate to get started and take advantage of this feature.

From an editorial perspective, this development is impressively clever and extends beyond just the Delicious application.

It represents the type of third-party enhancement to both their own offerings and .Mac that I was discussing earlier. When experimenting with Backup 3, I was unaware that QuickPicks could be extended through plugins, so I’m eager for this news to spread to those who can leverage it.

This opens numerous possibilities for developers to further integrate with .Mac services. I encourage developers to take this opportunity to enhance the value provided by .Mac, as Apple has already laid the groundwork.

[Source: MacMinute]


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