British Authorities Aim to Confiscate Your iPod!

Today, the digital grapevine is abuzz with chatter, and it all started with a sighting on fscklog. They referenced an intriguing PowerPage article that also showcased the image seen in this post.

Even Macworld UK has chimed in, discussing the recent surge in media coverage about iPod thefts.

Across the UK, posters are prominently displayed, cautioning the public that flaunting an iPod could lead to theft. My acquaintance, Jason Ball, who resides in London, informed me that similar warnings are being issued about mobile phones as well.

According to him, it seems like everyone in London owns both devices.

As someone involved in the media, I felt it necessary to highlight this phenomenon here on TUAW with the piece whether we’re welcomed or not.

Oh, how I long for the days back in London.

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