Macworld SF Lacks New Hardware Announcements

As Macworld approaches, the air is thick with speculation and rumors. The frequency and intensity of these rumors seem to increase as the event draws nearer.

It’s a time when tales of distant connections to Apple insiders become the norm, with stories often tracing back to someone who once shared a classroom with a person who now tends to the greenery at Apple’s headquarters, claiming groundbreaking revelations about upcoming product launches—or the lack thereof.

One such rumor was shared by Derek Picone, who claims to be in contact with an Apple technician. This technician reportedly participates in regular calls with Apple executives and was informed that attendance at the upcoming keynote by Steve Jobs was not mandatory.

This detail is intriguing because such meetings are typically compulsory when new hardware is to be unveiled. The implication here is that no new hardware will be introduced at this Macworld.

I generally remain skeptical about such rumors until the eve of Macworld.


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