Upgrade Your iPod to Play Videos: Simple Steps and Tips

For those who haven’t upgraded to the latest 5G video-capable iPods, there’s a fresh accessory hitting the market designed to elevate your older iPod models to new heights. Dubbed the iSee 360i, this innovative device offers a modestly larger 3.6-inch screen compared to the iPod 5G, along with capabilities for direct line-in video recording.

It also boasts a battery life of about four hours.

Set to be released later this quarter at a cost of $249, the iSee 360i promises to bring video playback features to those still using the 4th generation iPods, as well as the smaller iPod minis and iPod nanos. This means that even if you haven’t splurged on the latest model, you can still enjoy the video features that many have been flaunting.

So, get ready to join the video revolution without needing to purchase a brand new device!

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