Yellow Dog Linux 4.1 Release Now Available for Download

Reflecting back on the time I installed Yellow Dog Linux 3.0 on my old Mac 4400, it was a rather sluggish experience with KDE and a single-button ADB mouse. Yet, it marked my initial dive into the world of Linux.

Recently, Terra Soft has released Yellow Dog Linux 4.1.

This version introduces several enhancements:

  • Backlit keyboard support

  • Compatibility with Atheros wi-fi cards

  • Automatic USB device mounting in KDE and GNOME

  • Updated support for the latest Apple PowerBooks

The system’s kernel has been upgraded to version 2.6.15-rc5, and it now includes basic support for 64-bit development and operation. If you have an older Mac, this might be a good use for it (see a complete list of compatible hardware here).

Yellow Dog Linux is available in three retail formats: a full box set with support for $89.95US, which includes a book, a Frisbee, and a sticker; a version without support for $59.95US; and a “geek edition” that includes just the CDs without a manual or support for $29.95US.

[Via MacMegaste]


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