Microsoft Continues Talks on Virtual PC for Intel Macs

For many in the business sector, Windows remains a necessary component, yet those fortunate enough to utilize Macs in their professional environment have had the option to use Virtual PC (VPC). This software allows users to operate the Windows operating system through emulation.

However, the continuation of VPC development for the newly released Intel Macs remains uncertain. According to MacMinute, Microsoft’s plans are still under deliberation.

Earlier today, Microsoft expressed the following:

The Mac BU acknowledges the importance of the product and views it as the optimal virtualization solution for PowerPC users, thus it remains dedicated to supporting Virtual PC for both new and existing PowerPC customers. Nevertheless, discussions are ongoing with Apple regarding the potential adaptation of Virtual PC for Mac on Intel-based Macs, and no definitive plans have been announced concerning its compatibility with these new devices.”

It might be wise to keep your hopes up (or perhaps not?).


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