Discover Hidden Easter Egg in Final Cut Pro 4: A Guide

Unfortunately, I don’t have access to Final Cut Pro to verify this myself. However, a user from the Resexcellence forum, known as BK, has stumbled upon something quite intriguing within the STRL resources of Final Cut Pro.rsrc.

It seems to be a series of bizarre comments from a possibly stressed developer. Here’s a snippet of what was found:

“If we can’t get this version out on time, we might as well switch to yak herding.
It’s becoming strange again, which is a relief because it made no sense when it was normal.
The animated character is really starting to freak me out!
A lot of yaks were used in making this product.
I’m getting worried, that cow seemed really menacing.
When your car is this lame, you have no choice but to drive it foolishly.
Don’t blame me.

I don’t control the flying monkeys.
The disco ball keeps spinning, but it feels like nobody’s around.
Cows weren’t equipped with dynamite or steam shovels.
It exists, but there’s no way to get there from here.“

The message continues with more eccentric entries. We’d love to get confirmation on this if anyone can provide it.

Update: A reader named djones has provided this confirmation.


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