Apple Probes Video Issues in iMac Core Duo Models

It appears that some customers who have recently acquired the new iMac Core Duo are encountering issues with video playback in Front Row, specifically noticing horizontal lines across the screen. This glitch seems to predominantly affect iMacs equipped with 256MB of VRAM and operating on the 8G1171 build of Mac OS X v10.4.4.

Apple has officially recognized the issue, confirming in a communication to CRN that they are investigating the matter:

“Apple is aware of this issue and is looking into it. If a customer has any technical issues, they should contact AppleCare.”

That’s the extent of the help offered.

Are any of you dealing with similar video playback problems on your new iMac? has been actively discussing this issue, suggesting that it might be a software-related problem and even proposing a potential solution.

If you try their fix, do share your results.

[via Macworld UK]

Update: Correction on the recipient of Apple’s email—it was CRN, not

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