Guide to Effectively Managing Menulets on Your Mac

Menulets, those handy little icons nestled in your menu bar, serve to manage various settings like screen resolution, sound levels, network choices for Airport, and iChat availability. While activating most of these menulets can be done through the System Preferences—for example, the display resolutions menulet is accessible via the Displays pane—some do not have straightforward activation methods.

Notably, the PPPoE menulet, which is essential for users with PPPoE-based DSL services such as Verizon, and the Eject menulet, which simplifies the process of ejecting CDs or DVDs without needing to use the keyboard’s eject button, fall into this category.

To add a menulet to your menu bar, simply locate the menulet files within System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras for both the Panther and Tiger operating systems. By double-clicking on the desired menulet file, you can swiftly enable its functionality on your menu bar.

Removing a menulet is just as easy: hold down the Command (Apple) key and drag the menulet away from the menu bar until it vanishes with a pleasing poof.

Additionally, this method allows for the reordering of menulets on the bar, letting you customize their arrangement to your liking.


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