TiVo Desktop v1.9.2 Update for Mac Users Now Available

Mac enthusiasts, take note. TiVo has just unveiled TiVo Desktop for Mac v1.9.2, which they claim is now compatible with Mac OS X 10.4.

This latest update allows users to stream photos from their iPhoto library and play iTunes music on their TV, provided they have a networked TiVo. Here are the system requirements:

  • A networked TiVo Series2 DVR

  • Music requires iTunes 3.0.1 or newer; photos require iPhotos 5 or newer;

  • Recommended: 400MHz G3 processor or better

  • Recommended: 256MB RAM or more

While Mac users still can’t transfer shows from their TiVo units to their computers, TiVo hints that this capability might be introduced in the future.

Stay tuned for updates.

[Via PVR Blog]

Update: TUAW reader Dave Zatz has shared a couple of nice screenshots of the new version. Thanks for the tip, Dave!


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