Leaked Spy Photo of New Video iPod – Who’s Excited?

Alright, let’s dive into another round of intriguing “Apple spy pics” that seem to captivate many. According to MacShrine, the image showcased here was sent over by a source who chose to remain unnamed.

Is this the much-discussed video iPod in the flesh?

The label visible on the device is marked “M8719ZA.” Interpret that as you see fit. It’s worth noting that the leaked images of the 5G iPod from last year, which surfaced just before its release, were spot on.

This photo is reportedly from the same production facility.

As usual, we approach these leaks with a healthy dose of skepticism—let’s just say we’re not just taking it with a grain of salt, but rather a monumental heap. So, what do you think we’re looking at?

Update: It turns out the serial number on the label is actually “MB719ZA.” Thanks to those who corrected this (my vision isn’t quite what it used to be).

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