Best Buy Offers Deals on MacBooks, iMacs, and More

One could either start this discussion with a sigh of relief or a groan of despair. I’m inclined to opt for the former; after all, how disastrous could it potentially be?

A recent article on ZDnet reveals that Apple is broadening its retail horizon with Best Buy.

It appears that numerous Best Buy stores have started to stock the full range of Intel-powered Macs, including MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and iMacs. This seems like a strategic move: the Mac has reached a level of mainstream appeal, bolstered by effective advertising, the “iPod Halo Effect,” and a growing public familiarity.

It seems like the perfect moment to make Macs more accessible to the average consumer. However, there remains a risk that this venture could echo the less successful attempts by Best Buy (not to mention Fry’s, CompUSA, and Circuit City) to sell Macs in the past: the devices might not be well-maintained, could gather dust, the sales staff might lack necessary knowledge about OS X, leading to potential customers being dissuaded by the appearance of neglected, poorly presented hardware tucked away in some forgotten corner of the store…

Oh, dear.

[Source: MacRumors]


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