Apple Launches Boot Camp 1.0.2 Beta Without Details

Apple recently rolled out an update for Boot Camp, elevating it to version 1.0.2 beta. Interestingly, no specific details regarding the enhancements or fixes have been disclosed.

Efforts to uncover more on Apple’s Downloads or Support pages proved futile, and even the VersionTracker entry didn’t shed any light, with reports from MacFixIt also coming up short. However, the installation on a MacBook Pro went smoothly, leading to speculation that the update might include new Windows XP drivers.

It’s recommended to install this update, create a fresh drivers CD, and then proceed to install these drivers after booting into Windows.

Personally, I’ve opted not to install this update as I recently decided to forego the benefits Boot Camp offers over Parallels, such as USB support and genuine video card utilization. Instead, I’m planning to remove my Boot Camp Windows partition to free up space for a more flexible Parallels setup.


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