PRESS RELEASE: TUAW Journalist Chooses to Continue Using Mac OS X

Canterbury, Kent, United Kingdom (July 26th, 2006) – Conrad Quilty-Harper, a prominent writer for The Unofficial Apple Weblog, has declared his intention to stick with Mac OS X, diverging from the recent wave of notable figures opting for Linux-based systems like Ubuntu.

Discussing the trend of public declarations by individuals like Cory Doctorow,Mark Pilgrim and Bryan O’Bryan about switching to Ubuntu, Conrad expressed his indifference. He questioned the necessity of public announcements regarding personal choices of computing platforms.

Conrad plans to continue using his Mac as long as it meets his needs or until he decides otherwise.

He supports the freedom to switch operating systems but criticizes the sensationalism surrounding such personal decisions. He aligns with John Gruber’s perspective on the matter, advocating for a more measured approach to discussing operating system preferences.

About Conrad Quilty-Harper
Conrad, born in 1987, writes for Weblogs Inc., contributing to Joystiq, TUAW, and Live8Insider.

Known for his distinctive ginger hair and his preference for Macintosh computers, he also supports the Human Rights Act Amendment Order of 2006, specifically clause 42, which upholds the right to switch operating systems.

About Mac OS X
Regarded by some as the superior operating system.

About The Unofficial Apple Weblog
Widely considered a leading source of Mac-related news and insights.

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Conrad Quilty-Harper

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