Xsan Filesystem and Admin Upgrade to Version 1.4

It appears that Apple has chosen today to roll out a series of updates.

The sequence started with updates to MacBooks, followed by enhancements to Logic, and now, updates to Xsan.

The Xsan Filesystem has been upgraded to version 1.4, which brings several important fixes:

  • Enhancements to file system access control lists (ACLs)

  • Support for labeling and initializing LUNs exceeding 2TB

  • Improved AFP and NFS performance when re-sharing Xsan volumes

  • Better management of file system quotas and notifications

  • Enhanced compatibility with Apple and third-party applications

Additionally, the Xsan Admin tool has also been updated to version 1.4, incorporating improvements such as:

  • Capability to label and initialize Fibre Channel LUNs larger than 2TB

  • Options for expanding storage pools and volumes

  • Compatibility with multiple Xsan metadata controllers in diverse environments

  • Display of progress messages during extended operations

  • Protection against overwriting custom configurations during saves

  • Accurate reporting of Fibre Channel multipathing errors

For those considering a clean break from Xsan, the Xsan uninstaller has been updated as well.

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